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Howdy, I'm Katie!

(or KTO as I've been called since the early aughts)

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| Where it all started... |

My lifelong obsession with reading and writing began before I could even properly hold a pencil - or actually read a book by myself - and the rest, as they say, is history. I knew from a very young age that while the world may not always make sense, I could always find solace in the novels that I regularly devoured and through the words that I poured out onto paper. 

My passion met my career in 2010, when I first became a Social Media Content Manager during my senior year of college at CU Boulder, while pursuing a BA in Film Studies. I had an internship at a little place called 

*pause for dramatic effect*

Boulder Book Store. My semester spent among the stacks learning everything I could about strategic and sales driven writing and social media as a marketing tool provided me with a new skillset and a deeper sense of purpose for my future.

| Work History |

When it comes to my varied work history, I like to refer to myself as a ‘life cobbler.’ I had my first job at the ripe old age of 12 and haven't stopped working since. Name an industry and I have probably dabbled in it. The many positions I have had include teaching preschool, working as a professional nanny, marketing and sales, corporate engagement and sales, retail management, serving in both fine dining establishments and dive bars alike, and doing web + graphic design.

I've been writing professionally in some capacity since 2010 and started KTO Creative in 2020, when I decided to turn my side hustle into a full-time freelance job. I'm always learning and growing and in 2021, I deepened my education and became certified in SEO.

| What can I do for you? |

Thanks to my rather eclectic history, when I pull up a seat at the table, I bring some pretty vast knowledge and know-how with me. I have the unique ability to completely transform my voice to be specific to every client I work with. When I work with you, I combine my love, talent, and passion for writing to deliver a clear and concise message, drive sales and revenue, and gain online momentum. I'm a storyteller at heart, and when you work with me, I will expertly craft your story to help you share your big ‘why’ with the world.

| Life beyond the page |

When I'm not working on dominating the world one article, website rewrite, Facebook or Insta post at a time, or working on my very first manuscript, I love to do all the typical things small-mountain town gal’s living in the big city like to do: spend time with my friends and my family, run, snowboard, practice yoga, travel, read, write, and - most importantly - 

fulfill my true life's purpose: to become the world’s finest cat lady.

Don't forget to take a peak at my LinkedIn and CV too!

Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to work together

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