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The role of the Assistant Editor for Best Served Creative is to work directly with content contributors, edit their work, and upload, format, and connect graphics to the article into the Best Served Creative website. I am currently an Assistant Editor and have worked on the following articles so far:

  1. Life, Loss, Love, Family & Food

  2. The Octopus Phenomenon 

  3. The Shadows of the Service Industry

  4. How Martial Arts Saved My Restaurant

  5. Kitchen and Dog Parks 

  6. Where Will The Pirates Go?

  7. The Future of Food is Where it Comes From

  8. Waste Not Want Not

  9. Balance is the Secret to a Happy Life and Great Food

  10. Helpfullnecessity: The Art of Connection

  11. JFK's Club Steak

  12. A Morning in the Life of a Chef on a Charter Yacht 

  13. Be The Boss You Want To Work For

  14. Is This REALLY a Fundraiser?

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 7.46_edited.jpg
BSC Editing: Work
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