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Creative Writer | Assistant Editor 

Best Served Creative is a creative agency based out of Denver, CO that works specifically within the hospitality industry. Jensen Cummings, founder and 'Wizard of Why' of Best Served Creative, puts it best when he says, "You find a sense of belonging in this crazy industry! And it grinds you down if you don’t have trusted voices to show you the recipe. Let us guide you on your journey through building your own F&B business, with free content, resources and training within our Best Served community." You have a story to tell and they provide the platform for you to share it.

I have written a few blogs for Best Served Creative and serve as an and served as Assistant Editor.

Creative Writing:

Cultivating & Growing Your Team

Getting A Real Job


Life, Loss, Love, Family & Food

The Octopus Phenomenon 

The Shadows of the Service Industry

(The full list of articles I have edited can be found here​.)

Best Served Creative: Work
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