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My Hope For You

My hope for you is that you never have to understand how it feels, to be so broken and alone. I hope you never find yourself alone on Christmas Eve, crying in the bathtub, staring down a glass of wine through blurry eyes, wondering when and if the pain will ever stop.

I hope you never question yourself and your value and if you deserve to be loved. I hope you never find yourself choosing the wrong one – even if for the right reasons – so many times that your soul shatters and your heart breaks and you become a shell of the person you use to be; the person you could be; the person you should be.

I hope you give yourself enough grace and love and kindness to know that even when you’re circling the drain and you don’t have the courage or strength to go on, you keep going anyways, and that you never ever stop or give up. I hope that despite how hard the world tries to break you, that you keep your chin up and try harder than ever to stay afloat.

My hope for you is that you believe that one day it will be better. Because my hope for you is that one day, it will.

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