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Pour Another Glass

Sip sip sip…sip the wine, drink it down. Pour another glass, go another round.

The tequila drip drip drips down your chin, Wipe it away, ask for another with an ever-present grin.

Lines lines lines…all laid out in a clean neat row. Snort them up, one two three…now go.

He pulls your shirt up up up then rips it off. You don’t try to stop him; you’re just trying to feel enough.

Bodies tangled together, minds clouded by it all. Holding on for dear life, you’re just trying not to fall.

The booze, the drugs, the men…you’re praying for it to stop, Just as quickly as it began.

Feeling everything at once and nothing at the same time, You go through the motions without any reason or rhyme.

Another headache and bleary-eyed morning. Another who’s come and gone without any warning.

The pain cuts deep yet you can’t feel a thing. You’re just using anyone and anything to try to cover up the shame.

Numb numb numb…frozen from the inside out. Begging yourself to just go one day without.

Move on, so hard you have to try try try. But it won’t be with him—he’s just another meaningless guy.

Dream dream dream…of a life filled with so much more, But until you get there, you’ll show each one of them the door.

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